Assigning Activities & Booster Groups To Students

Membership Keeper can help you keep track of student activities such as academic teams, sports teams, after-school classes, honor societies, clubs and more. 

Click on the "Students" tab on the left in the gray tab bar near the top of the window and then click on the "Activites" tab which is on the left in the big block of tabs.

To add an activity to a particular student, first find the student. Then click on the "+" button and a dialog box will appear. Select the activity from the list. If the desired activity is not on the list, click "New Group" at the top of the dialog window. Clicking on the activity will close the dialog box. If you change your mind, press Cancel at the top.

Once an activity record has been added to a student, click on the row with the activity. Click on "School Year" and a dialog box pops up. Change the School Year (to track past activity), the Level (such as Varsity or Junior Varsity), Paid (to track fees or booster group support) and Position (such as Captain or Manager). Click on "Group" and a dialog box pops up. Change the Group (such as Academic, Athletic, Club, etc.), Season, Activity Name and Activity Description.

To print a list of all activities offered, click on the document icon next to "School Year". To print a list of all students involved in an activity, click on the document icon on a student's record for that activity. If necessary, you may have to use Find to find a student involved in an activity. These lists can be modified depending on Find criteria used.

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