Can I find only the Athletic donations that are not associated with a student?

To find only the donations to the Athletic Boosters that are not associated with a student, click on a donation in the Students> Donations tab (click on the donation but not on the document icon). The donation dialog is tall and skinny so drag the right side so it is wider and you can see the “Find” button at the top (or you can just click View > Find Mode in the menu bar at the top). Click find and enter “Athletic Boosters” into the Group field to find all donations made to the Athletic Boosters group. Click Perform find. Next, click on Find again. Now enter “=“ into the box below “Mark Activity as Paid” where the student name check boxes would be. Here’s the tricky part… instead of clicking Perform find ( because that would get rid of your results from your last find request), go to Requests > Constrain Found Set. This will take your first found set which is the people that have donated to the Athletic Boosters and make it an even smaller found set of the people who have paid that don’t have a child associated with the donation.


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