Earn Revenue Selling Advertising and Banner Ads

Membership Keeper makes it easy to track advertisement sales made for your School Directory, Student Sirectory, Booster Clubs Programs, Newsletter, Silent Auction Program, Yearbook and more. Additionally, track Banner Ads sales to parents that access the school directory on their iPhone. Membership Keeper tracks ads purchased year to year as well as potential sales.

To see a list of Supporters who have purchased ads in the past, click on Advertiser’s List button on the Parents >Reports tab or on the Parents > Advertising tab (or use Find Mode on the Advertising tab). Data for this report must be entered in the Parents > Advertising tab. To see a list of Prospective Advertisers, click on the Prospective Advertisers button. To include people in this report, find their record and click “Yes” in the “Interested” field on the Parents > Advertising tab.

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