Managing Donations

Membership Keeper can help you keep track of donations such as annual funds, booster groups, auctions and more. 

Click on the "Parents" tab in the middle in the gray tab bar near the top of the window and then click on the "Donations" tab which is in the middle in the big block of tabs.

To add a donation to a particular household, first find a parent or household that has made a donation. Then click on the "+" button and a dialog box will appear. Enter donation information and select the Group to associate with the donation from the list. If the desired Group is not on the list,  go to the Parents > Interests tab and click "+" at the top right of the Interests portal. A dialog box will open, then click "+ Add New Committee Category". If you change your mind, just close the dialog window.

Once a donation record has been added to a household, click on the row with the donation to open a dialog window regarding the donation. Click on "Event" field to associate a donation with an event, such as an auction. Click on "Group" field to associate the donation with a group or commitee. Click on "School Year" field to track current or past donations per school year. Click on the "Attribute to Child" if the child has Activity records (such as Soccer Team associated with the Athletics Booster group) and should be marked as paid for the Group (such as Athletic Boosters) on the associated Student Activities' Roster and Dues Reports.

To print a list of all households that have donated for a Group or Event, click on the Document Icon in the Donations portal on a parent's record for that donation. If necessary, you may have to use Find to find a parent that has donated to that Group. Go to the Parents > Donations tab. For example, click on Find at the top of the window and enter “Athletic Boosters” from the drop-down list in the Group field as a search criteria. Then click on Perform Find at the top of the window. Once you have “found” parents with donations to the Athletic Boosters, click on the Document Icon to the left of the Group/Athletic Boosters field. A dialog box will ask for the range of dates for your report (it automatically enters last month but the dates can be changed). It then will ask if you want All Donations, Athletic Booster Donations or further broken down by event.

To print a Household's Donation History, go to the Parents>Donations tab. At the bottom of the tab set, click on the “Donation History” button. This will allow the information in the Donations tab to be easily printed, emailed or exported to Excel.
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