Why are two families not printing on the classroom directory page?


Mrs. Lyell's classroom directory has two total new additions for the child and parents.  I first looked in the database and they were actually in there!  I was thinking maybe you added them after the "Last Chance" list went out.  Anyway, they still had updates /corrections. I did them, and then ran the directory page again to check my work.  The children/parents are not printing on the directory sheet.  I don't know what I need to click to make it right. Please advise.

Good catch on the two families. The Howards are a formerly alumni family (their son Will graduated in 2011) and it looks like I failed to do two things when I converted them back to “Parents” from “Alumni”: 1) in the upper right hand corner of their Parent layout I should have changed it from “Alumni” to “Parents”; and 2) on the Household tab (second tab set down on the left) I should have changed the Print in Directory field from “No” to “Yes”.
As far as the Slayter family, it looks like the on the Household tab (second tab set down on the left) neither the Primary Household nor the Print in Directory fields were marked “Yes”.
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