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Before importing records, choose Integratis > Archive Copy and print a current Data Summary sheet of the number of records that are currently in your Integratis database.  This will serve as a handy reference to confirm changes to the number of records after performing an import. It is highly recommended that importing/exporting is done with Filemaker set to single-file user. 

To import records:

1) Open the file (destination) that will receive the imported records. 

2) Choose Import Records in the File menu. 

3) Select the type.

4) Locate the source file in the files list and Click Save. You see the Import Field Mapping dialog box.

5) Drag field names on the right (destination) to match fields on the left (source).

6) In the column between the “source” and “destination” field names, click so that an arrow appears between the columns. The arrow indicates that the import for that pair of fields will occur. Click again to disable import for that pair of fields.

7) Click Add New Records to append the imported records or Replace Data in Current Found Set to overwrite existing records.

8) Click Import.

Recommendation: When initially entering data into Project Ally from other software, if you need to clean up your data to match the fields in Project Ally by writing scripts, make a new Filemaker File with the proper fields, import data into that file, clean up the data with scripts if necessary and then import the data into Integratis.


To export records:

1) Open the file you want to export.

2) Choose Export Records from the File menu. 

3) Select a file format from the Type list (Mac OS) or the Save as type list (Windows). 

4) Type a name for the export file and specify where you want it saved.

5) Click Save. You see the Export Field Order dialog.

6) To change the order of fields for exporting, drag the arrow next to the field name in the list.

7) To exclude fields from export, select the field name in the list on the left and click the Clear button.

8) Click Save.

9) If “exported date” is not correct, check to make sure your computer’s date and time is correct. If application has not been quit since the date has changed, then the “exported date” will not be correct.

See Filemaker® Help for more information.

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