Preview & Printing

Preview & Printing

Integratis Inc. automates previewing and printing of your data.  Typically, select either the "Print" from the gray menu at the top of your screen (for automated documents) or go to the Filemaker Menu Bar > File > Print.  View your document in Preview Mode which shows how the document will look when printed.

See Filemaker Help for more information about printing.

Data File Preview & Printing

Integratis Inc. allows users to have greater access to their data through the data file for purposes outside the scope of the Integratis Inc. solution. If you are printing a layout you have created yourself or are no longer within an Integratis Inc. script, you may need to follow some or all of the following steps to print:

1) If you have more than one printer, specify which one you want to use.

2) Confirm printing options by choosing File menu > Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (Mac OS), then click OK.

3) Use the layout pop-up menu to switch to the layout you want to use.

4) Make sure the found set is the way you want it by using Find Mode and commands on the Record Menu to change the found set and sort records.

5) Choose View menu > Preview Mode to see exactly how your paper copy will look. Some things, like summary fields, subsummary parts, sliding objects, records arranged in columns, and variable information like page numbers, appear correctly only in Preview Mode.

6) Choose File menu > Print.

7) In the Print dialog box, for Print, choose an option (for Mac OS, depending on the version of the printing software you are using, you may need to choose ‘Filemaker Pro’ from the pop-up menu to see these options):

- To print all records in the found set choose "Records being browsed"

- To print only the record currently selected in the Browse mode choose "Current record"

- To print a blank record using the current layout (use this option to print a blank "form") choose "Blank record, showing fields, then choose a formatting option.

8) Select the print range, number of copies and other printer settings, and then click OK.

See Filemaker Help for more information about printing.

Filemaker Printing Troubleshooting

If things are not matching what was presented in Print Preview Mode (such as tabs settings not being maintained or items are not sliding) try the following:

1) Select object > Format > Text > Paragraph and change line height above and below settings to pixels.

2) Recreate your layout because it may be corrupt.

3) Look at layout to be printed in Browse Mode at maximum zoom (use “mountain” icons in lower left hand corner of window to zoom). Make adjustments as necessary.

4) In Windows PC, set display to 96dpi or 72 dpi, large font or small font. However, this will affect other layouts as well.

5) In Windows PC, set resolution to 300dpi. However, this will affect other layouts as well.

6) Reload your printer drivers. If given a choice, try PS drivers as opposed to normal HP HCL drivers.

Contact Filemaker® Pro for more information.


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