Getting Started

Registering Your Solution

You must register to receive technical support and activate your warranty. Register your software by going to Integratis > About and pressing the “Register” button at the bottom of the white square.

Setting Up Password Accounts

To view password accounts go to Integratis > Preferences > Accounts. Click “Show All” in top gray bar to view all accounts. To create a new account, click “New” at top left corner in gray bar (please enter name under Staff before creating related staff’s password account in order to populate staff  “pop-up menu” when creating a new account). To see privilege set descriptions, see your software license: Integratis > License.

Entering Your Information

To make entering your information easier, here are a few suggestions:

1) Set your Preferences as described in the Preferences help section.

2) Enter Staff information

3) Enter Contact information (especially owners, prime contractors and consultants)

4) Enter Project information.  Keep in mind that you may want to customize your sort criteria in Integratis > Preferences > Value Lists.

5) For “active” projects, enter Project Budget information, 

6) Enter Timesheet and Expense Report information (either from this time forward or enter historical data if desired

7) Enter Invoice information (if you have purchased the Invoice module).  For “archived” projects, enter related consultants under Budgeting (create a record with one Phase/Service and enter all consultants per Project).

Project Ally contains “pop-up menus” which are generated from information in other files.  Entering information in this order will facilitate the accuracy of the “pop-up menus” and, therefore, alternating between files as information is entered will be kept to a minimum.

Initially Importing Your Data

If you have, for example, a tab-separated project list you would like to import into Project Ally to populate this database initially, open the ProjectAllyData.fp7 files and go to layout mode. Find the zdb_Projects layout. Go to View > Browse Mode. Then go to File > Import Records > select your tab-separated file. Review FileMaker Help for importing records for more information.

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