Filemaker® Pro basics

Project Ally is a solution for design professionals created with Filemaker® Pro. Project Ally is a relational database solution which is a collection of information that can be organized, updated, sorted, searched, analyzed and printed as needed.  It is composed of two related files, (interface file and data file).  Each file contains one or more records which hold all the information about one subject (such as the home address and phone number of a staff member).  Each piece of information in a record is stored, calculated or displayed in a field (such as first name, middle name, last name).  The type of information entered in a field is determined by its field definition which can be text, number, date, time, container (graphic, sound, or movie items), calculation, summary (summary of values in the field for a group of records) or global (one value to be used in all records of a file).

There are four modes of operation:  1) Browse Mode is where records and field values can be viewed, added, changed, sorted, omitted and deleted;  2) Layout Mode determines how information is presented on your screen or printed.  Layouts are designed for specific tasks such as data entry, lists, or reports.  Access to some layouts is limited to the database administrator by Integratis Inc.  3) Find Mode searches for particular records that meet a set of criteria, called the found set, and returns to Browse mode.  To find records, type search criteria into fields in a find request.  Integratis Inc. has a tailored Find procedure and does not provide all of the extraneous options available with Filemaker Pro.  4) Preview Mode shows on screen how data in records, forms, or reports will look when it is printed. 

For more in depth information regarding Integratis Inc. products and Filemaker, refer to your user’s manual or the Filemaker Help menu.

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