Finding Records

In Browse Mode, choose "Find" in the gray menu bar at the top of the window to find a member record or member records. When you click "Find" the fields will appear blank. Type your find criteria into the appropriate field. For example, type a members last name into the last name field or select "active" in the status field to find all active members.

When you perform a find, Swap Keeper searches through all the records in the a table, comparing the criteria you specify with the data in the table. Records with data matching the criteria become the found set, which is the subset of records being browsed. Records that don't match are omitted. To view found set information, look in the lower right hand corner of the Members Tab screen, i.e. "Record 1 of 10 (Records Found: 9)".

You can work with just the records in the found set. For example, you can view, edit, calculate summaries for, sort, print, delete, export, or replace data in these records. You can also open another window in order to perform different find requests on the same data. 

Note: If you open Swap Keeper, perform a find, and then close Swap Keeper, the found set is not saved.

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