Finding & Sorting

Sorting and Finding Data

Project Ally manages your data intuitively by finding and sorting your data based on typical criteria (such as dates and project numbers) depending on the data type. Information is typically presented in a portal or list already searched and sorted. For additional control over your data, use the following features.

To sort records via column headings:

1) Typically, at the top of a list, there is a gray bar just under the page title with column headings. To sort by a column heading type, click the column heading.

2) To reverse the column heading type sort order, click the heading again.

3) To unsort the data, click Records in the FileMaker menu bar and then select “Unsort”.

To find records:

1) Select "Find" from the gray menu bar at the top of your screen.

2) Type your find criteria in the appropriate field on the blank form that appears.  To narrow your search, enter criteria in as many fields as needed to make your request specific, then click button "Continue" on the left side of your screen.

3) Any new records found are added to your found set.

Finding and Sorting in the Data File

Integratis Inc. allows users to have greater access to their data through the data file for purposes outside the scope of the Integratis Inc. solution.

To find records:

1) Go to the layout you want to use to find records.

2) Choose Find Mode from the View menu. You see a blank find request that looks like a record without data.

3) Type values in the appropriate fields (see Filemaker Help for search “symbols” to find groups of records such as duplicates, empty fields, not empty fields, ranges of information, etc.). 

4) Click the Find button on the left hand side of your screen.

Type values into fields on a single find request to perform an AND request. To do an OR request, type each value on a new request by selecting New Request from the Edit menu during Find mode.  To exclude records from the request, check the omit checkbox in Find mode.

To sort records:

1) Find the records you want to sort, or choose Find All from the Select menu.

2) Choose Sort from the Mode menu. 

3) In the Field List, select the name of the field you want to sort by and click Move to put the field name in the Sort Order list.

4) Select ascending, descending or custom order per sort item.

5) Add any additional sort fields in the same way.

6) Click Sort.

The sort order instructs FileMaker Pro to arrange records in ascending, descending, or custom order. FileMaker Pro sorts by the first field in the sort order, then by  the second, and so on.

For more information, see your Filemaker User’s Guide or use Filemaker Help.

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