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The “About” screen may be accessed from anywhere in the Interface file by using the Scripts pull down menu and selecting About or by pressing the Integratis tab at the top of the window and then selecting “About Integratis” on the blue bar.  The About screen provides this solution’s name, version, developer’s company information support policy and password policy.


The License screen provides this solution’s license agreement. Go to Integratis tab > License.



Set each user’s User Name, Password and Privilege Set in Accounts. First, make sure user has been entered under Staff. In the Accounts tab, select “New” at the top of your screen in the menu bar and a dialog box will appear. Select the staff person and their privilege set. Enter their user name and password. Ask the user to keep this information private.

In the Accounts List, click on the appropriate radio button per account if you have purchased and registered a Marketing or Invoicing Module (hold down the Shift Key and click to deselect a radio button). Account holders must re-log in for changes to take effect, allowing access to the Marketing or Invoicing tabs.

To have each user’s computer automatically enter the user’s name, on the user’s computer go to FileMaker Pro > Preferences. Select the “General” tab. Under User Name, select “Other” and enter the user name selected when making the Project Ally Account.

System Owner

Enter your company information and parent company information as you would like to see it appear on letters, invoices, timesheets, marketing proposals, etc.  If you highlight the firm name in the field and change its style, it will show that way in all files (therefore it is usually best not to alter the style here.)  Integratis Inc.does not allow users to access the Company Name field and your company’s name should already be shown.  If the name of your firm changes, proof of purchase and proof of your firm name change will be required to receive a file upgrade (purchase of upgrade may be required) to change the information in the Company Name field.

Paste graphics into the Company Logo 1, Company Logo 2 field, Company Logo Linear and Company Name with Style to add your own logo to correspondence shown in or printed from Project Ally.  Company Logo 1 is the default and is used in the Interface file.  However, if you would like an alternative logo used on your printed correspondence, just use Company Logo 2 or Company Logo Linear fields on your layouts in the data files (see the Help Section about Editing/Creating Layouts). Company Name with Style is the same as the Company Name field except it has a style applied to it. For plain Company Name, use field called Company Name Lock.

System Settings

To switch from Single-User Mode to Multi-User Mode, simply press the appropriate radio button. However, there are several issues to keep in mind when using Project Ally in Multi-User Mode. Filemaker Pro contains built-in support to allow you to share files over a network.  By sharing files, you can work simultaneously with others in your work group, and save disk space by keeping files in a central location. For greater networking performance and capacity, Filemaker, Inc. and Integratis, Inc. recommend the use of Filemaker Server if you need to share files on a network with more than 1 or 2 other users.

System Values

System Values are standards used by your company.  For Timesheet Type, enter the type of time period that should be used for recording staff hours and expense reports.  "Bi-Month" type time periods begin on the 1st and 16th of each month.  "Two Weeks" type time periods begin every two weeks.  For Mark Up Percentage, enter the percentage that should be used for marking up reimbursable expenses on invoices.  For Reimbursable Expense Rate Per Mile, enter the rate per mile that should be used for travel reimbursable expenses.

Value Lists

To edit a value list, click “list” button adjacent to desired value list name.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on “Edit...”.  A box entitled “Edit Value List ‘_____’  “ will appear.  Make your changes and click OK.  Important! Keep in mind that if you delete an item from a value list, those values will still be associated with a record, however, it will not show up in a checkbox list.  Value list items should be deleted from all records and then as a final step, deleted from the actual value list.  In addition, redefining a value list item after data has been entered might cause unexpected results. For example, if you change a value list item from “Housing” to “Houses,” the field will appear empty on layouts where the field is formatted as a checkbox (like on the Projects - Sort Criteria page) or radio button. Also, you will not find the existing records if you search for “Houses”.  See your Filemaker User’s Guide or Filemaker Help for additional information.

To facilitate coordination of value list customization, go to Integratis > Preferences > Value Lists. In the top gray bar press “Print” to print the current value list categories and related entries. Integratis Inc. recommends printing this list and obtaining a consensus about value list items among members of your company before entering data...


Help is available from every page by clicking on “Help” on the gray menu bar at the top of your screen.  Click on a topic in the Help Topic directory to the left. For additional help with Filemaker features, click on the button "Filemaker Help" at the bottom left of the page in the Help section.  Integratis Inc. welcomes suggestions for improving Integratis Inc. Help.  Please contact us with your suggestions by sending us an email.  Select Integratis > Feature Request or Bug Report on the blue menu bar.

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