Create a record for each student in your school. To create a new Student record, choose Students tab at the top of window > “New” in the gray menu at the top of your screen. A blank record will appear.  Fill in the Student Information as described below.

Student List

Student List shows a list of all the students in your found set. Click on a name to access Student Detail information. To create a found set, choose “Find” in the gray menu bar, follow the prompts and enter your search criteria. See Help: Finding and Sorting for more information.

Student Detail

Student Information

The Student and Info tab includes First, Last Name, Suffix, Grade Level, Homeroom, Teacher, Class Shirt Color, birth date, age (automatically calculated), email address, photo and more.

Family Information

The Siblings, Household, Other and Map tabs includes contact information, lists of links to Households, individual parents or guardians and Siblings. If duplicate children appear in the Siblings portal, make sure only one Household is marked as “Primary Household”.


Classmates is a list of classmates (the list does not contain the current student’s name. Go to Staff to see a full class list).

Student Fees

Student Fees includes a list of fees associated with a grade and payment information.


“Reports” contains a list of automated reports of your data. Hover your mouse over a report title and a tool tip box will pop up to describe the report. Click on the report title to see the report. With an Administrator’s password, you can go to layout mode to change the look of the report (duplicate a layout before changing it to retain a back-up copy).

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