Staff has staff general Information including Work Information, Home Information, Students, Room Parents and more. Create a record for each staff person in your school.

To create a new Staff record, choose Staff button at the top of window > “New” in the gray menu at the top of your screen. A blank record will appear.  Fill in the Staff Information as described below.

Staff List

Shows a list of all staff in your founds set. Click on a name to access Staff Detail information.

Staff Detail

Teacher Tab

The Teacher Tab includes Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms, etc.) First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Nick Name (automatically enters first name if left blank), Grade Level, Title, Room Number and Room Alpha (if there is a letter associated with the room number).

Assistant Tab

The Assistant Tab is for listing a staff member that should be associated with the classroom. The Assistant Tab includes fields for a photo plus name and email address.

Home / Info / Map / School / Home Tabs

These tabs include contact information and more.


Lists students assigned to staff.


Lists parents associated with students assigned to staff.

Room Parents

Lists contacts who have volunteered to be room parents.


“Reports” contains a list of automated reports of your data. Hover your mouse over a report title and a tool tip box will pop up to describe the report. Click on the report title to see the report. With an Administrator’s password, you can go to layout mode to change the look of the report (duplicate a layout before changing it to retain a back-up copy).


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