Use this file to keep track of people you need to contact such as Parents, Alumni, Donors, Affiliates. The Contacts (referring to Parents, Alumni, Donors and Affiliates) database contains information such as a contact’s name, phone number, and address.  The file includes predefined reports for printing contact profiles, phone lists, etc.

To create a new Contact record, go to Contact List or Contact Detail. Click on “New” at the top left of the page. A blank record will appear.  Fill in the Contact Information as described below.


There are two ways to view your Contact information: Contact List and Contact Detail. 

Select Contact List to see Contacts in your “found set”.  To create a found set, choose “Find” in the gray menu bar, follow the prompts and enter your search criteria. See Help: Finding and Sorting for more information. To edit or see more information about the contact, click on the name to go to the Contact Detail.

Contact Detail

Contact Information

Contact Detail contains fields for Personal Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Business Title, Membership Information and Comments (to make notes about the Contact) and Contact Type.  The Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone, Email, and Web Address are from the related Household. To create a new Contact record, choose “New” at the top of window.  Either create or select an existing Household. To create a new or existing Household record, choose the “+” sign next to the Household/Organization Name field.


“Interests” keeps track of committees that interest the contact. It is helpful to distribute a survey and collect this committee interest data for distribution lists.


“Talents” keeps track of skills contacts may be willing to volunteer. It is helpful to distribute a survey and collect this data for distribution lists.


“Donations” keeps track of fundraising donations made by the contact. It is helpful to know who has donated items in the past when soliciting donations.


“Advertising” keeps track of advertising sponsorships made by the contact. It is helpful to know who has placed advertisements in the past when soliciting advertisement sponsors as well as keep track of artwork.


“Reports” contains a list of automated reports of your data. Hover your mouse over a report title and a tool tip box will pop up to describe the report. Click on the report title to see the report. With an Administrator’s password, you can go to layout mode to change the look of the report (duplicate a layout before changing it to retain a back-up copy).

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