The following information is only accessible to users with Administrative Privileges:


Set each user’s User Name, Password and Privilege Set in Accounts. In the Accounts tab, select “New” at the bottom of the accounts tab and a dialog box will appear. Type in name, user name, password and select their privilege set. Ask the user to keep this information private.

To have each user’s computer automatically enter the user’s name, on the user’s computer go to FileMaker Pro > Preferences. Select the “General” tab. Under User Name, select “Other” and enter the user name selected when making the user account.

School Info

Enter your school information and school district information as you would like to see it appear. If you highlight the school name in the field and change its style, it will show that way in everywhere (therefore it is usually best not to alter the style here.)  The program does not allow users to access the School Name field any place else in the program.

Paste graphics into the Logo 1, Logo 2 , and Logo 3 fields. Logo 1 is the default logo used.  However, if you would like an alternative logo used on your printed correspondence, just use Logo 2 or Logo 3 fields on your report layouts (see the Help Section about Editing/Creating Layouts).


Preferences are standards used by your school, such as the current school year, directory and absent email addresses, absent line phone number and member description label.


System Scripts are powerful scripts that change data quickly to save time. However, they can be very damaging if used incorrectly or without care. Put your cursor over each button on the Scripts tab and read the pop-up tool tip for a description of the script.

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